Survey Study for Patients with MS or Healthy Volunteers
Protocol: STUDY00004593
Full Title
Evaluating the Impact of Covid-19 on Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis and Other Neurological Disorders
This study enrolls adults who have certain neurological disorders and also healthy volunteers. The purpose of this study is to learn about the effects of COVID-19 in patients with certain autoimmune disorders, including MS, migraine and myasthenia gravis.

In this study, an online survey will be e-mailed about every two weeks for one year. The first set of questionnaires will take about 30 minutes to complete and the follow up questions will take about 5 minutes each time. This study takes place entirely online.

Technical Description

The purpose of this study is to assess our patients' clinical outcomes during the Covid-19 outbreak. Specifically, we will ask our patients whether they develop symptoms consistent with the infection or test positive for the infection. We will also inquire about precautionary measures that they are taking, including whether they plan to change current disease modifying therapies to mitigate infectious complications. We will also gauge the emotional and social consequences of the outbreak, including impact on mood and interpersonal relationships.

Keyword: COVID-19
Compensation: No
Adults ages 18+.
Is a healthy volunteer OR is a patient of certain UBMD Neurology providers.
Age Group: Adults
Principal Investigator: BIANCA WEINSTOCK-GUTTMAN
+1 716-859-3393
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