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Due to COVID-19, new enrollment in research studies will be greatly limited. If you are interested in a study, there may be a longer waiting period to receive a response to your inquiry. View the guidance for research participants for additional information.

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This study enrolls healthy adult volunteers. The purpose of this study is to better learn how to identify and treat people with COVID-19 (though participants do not need to test positive to be in this study). Read More
Adults ages 18+.
Willing to prick your own finger.
Generally healthy (no underlying health conditions, e.g. cancer, lung disease, diabetes).
Do not have any signs of COVID-19 or meet quarantine requirements for COVID-19.
Has not been vaccinated for COVID-19.
Has never been diagnosed with COVID-19.
+1 716-645-9720
This study enrolls healthy adults who will be getting a vaccine. The goal of this study is to learn about immune system cells called macrophages. Macrophages are important immune system cells that form when an infection is in the body. Read More
Adults ages 20-55.
Generally healthy.
Scheduled to receive a vaccine, like the COVID-19 or flu vaccine (for COVID-19 vaccine, study must be done before and after the first dose of the vaccine).
+1 716-888-4777
This study enrolls adults with or without Type 2 Diabetes. The purpose of this study is to learn which bacteria (germs) make gum disease worse when a person does or does not have diabetes. Read More
-Adults ages 25+.

We are currently looking for 2 groups of people;
-people without diabetes & without periodontal disease
-people with diabetes & no periodontal disease

Both groups must...
-Have at least 20 natural teeth.
-Be a non-smoker (haven’t used tobacco products in the last year).
-Have not had a dental cleaning in the last 3 months....
+1 716-829-6306
This study enrolls seniors ages 65+. The purpose of this study is to learn whether an in-home, remote art program will be enjoyable and engaging. Read More
Older adults, ages 65+.
Have internet access.
+1 716-816-7270
This study enrolls adults ages 18-45. The purpose of this study is to learn more about people's thoughts about the future and exercise. Read More
Adults ages 18-45.
Have access to smartphone or wi-fi connected tablet.
Are able to do moderate physical activity.
+1 716-829-5666
This study enrolls adults who have had heart failure or heart attack or who are generally healthy. The purpose of this study is to learn more about how these types of cardiovascular issues happen at a biological level. We will do that by looking at the immune cells in the blood. Read More
Adults ages 18+
Generally healthy OR are presenting to the hospital with heart failure or acute myocardial infarction (heart attack).
+1 716-645-8500
This study enrolls older adults ages 60+. We are looking for adults who are not active who have Type 2 Diabetes and also physically active older adults. The purpose of the study is to learn if a 2-month home-based exercise program will help improve oxygen levels and fitness. Read More
Adults ages 60+.
Able to walk and follow simple exercise instruction.

Two groups will be enrolled:
1. People with Type 2 Diabetes with a low level of physical activity right now.
2. Physically active people (do cycling, strength training or walking faster than usual for 60+ minutes per week) with or without type 2 diabetes.
Are you the parent of a child who was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, or Cerebral Palsy or the parent of a child (children) with no known disability? We are hoping to learn more about the burdens caregivers face caring for children with disabilities and how that is different from the burdens of parents with children without a disability. Read More
Adult parents/caregivers ages 18+.
Your child is ages 5-12.
Your child has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy or with Tourette Syndrome *OR* your child (children) have no known disabilities.
The child must live with the primary and/or secondary caregiver.
+1 716-829-6741
This study enrolls women ages 18-39 who exercise regularly. The purpose of this study is to learn about the relationship between vitamin D and recovery of skeletal muscle damage in females. Read More
Women ages 18-39.
Exercise regularly.
Jocelyn Stooks
+1 716-829-5455
The purpose of this study is to learn if mixing activated charcoal with a soft drink improves the taste of the charcoal without affecting its ability to prevent absorption of medicine. Read More
Adult male ages 18-35.
Have no liver, kidney, or GI medical conditions.
Have no history of drug or alcohol abuse.
This study enrolls people who have been invited to participate.
Showing 1 - 10 of 62 Clinical Trials
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