Memory and Activity Study for Older Adults
Protocol: STUDY00003982
Full Title
Movers and Makers: A Community-based Recreational Program to Improve Cognition and Motor Function in Older Adults
This study enrolls daults ages 65+. The University at Buffalo Center for Successful Aging is conducting a study at the Ken-Ton YMCA to see how art-making and physical activity impact memory and physical function. This group recreation program is for adults who are interested in improving their memory and physical function.

We expect that you will be in this research study for 6 months altogether. You will be asked to travel to the YMCA to participate once each week for 4 months. You will be asked to participate in a physical activity and art-making program at the Ken-Ton YMCA, to test the impact of physical activity and art-making on cognitive and motor function. In addition, we will ask you to complete assessments of your cognitive and physical function during the program.

Technical Description

To develop a novel, community-based art-making and physical activity program to improve cognition, motor function, and quality of life among older adults (gt; 65 years), using a community-based participatory framework for development.

To examine changes in cognition (executive function and visual-spatial abilities) and motor function (balance, lower body strength, and walking) among older adult participants engaged in the art-making and physical activity program.

To examine selected participant-reported outcomes (depressive symptoms and quality of life) among older adult participants in the art-making and physical activity program.
Compensation: No
- Older adults ages 65+
- Healthy enough for light-moderate, non-physician supervised physical activity
- Able to provide written informed consent
- Fluent in written and spoken English
Age Group: Adults
Principal Investigator: NIKHIL SATCHIDANAND
+1 716-816-7270
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