Children's IV and Shot Pain Relief Study
Protocol: STUDY00002993
Full Title
A Randomized clinical trial of buzzy bee, shotblocker versus vapocoolant in pain relief during a venipuncture procedure in a pediatric emergecny room
This is a single-center, randomized, open label, placebo controlled clinical trial. Patient who visit our ER and needs blood work or IV line placement may be eligible for the study. Subject enrolled in the study will have an equal chance to be assigned into one of the four study groups for pain relief during the needle stick, i.e. shot blocker, buzzy bee, vapocoolant, or placebo. Totally 220 subjects will be enrolled in the study, with 55 in each group. The PI hypothesizes that the Vapocoolant may not be as effective as the buzzy bee or shot blocker in pain relief.

Technical Description

The purpose of this study is to compare the anxiety and pain levels of patients when using Buzzy with ice wings, Vapocoolant, shot blocker, and placebo during venipuncture procedure in pediatric patients
Compensation: No
Children ages 6-18 years old.
Visiting ED at Oishei Children's Hospital and need blood work or IV line placement.
Age Group: Children
Principal Investigator: JILL FENNELL
Haiping Qiao
+1 716-323-0055
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