KNOCOUT PE: Registry for Patients with Pulmonary Embolism
Protocol: STUDY00002545
Full Title
Retrospective and prospective international EKoSoNic registry Of the treatment and Clinical OUTcomes of patients with Pulmonary Embolism
This registry study enrolls people who have had a blood clot in a large blood vessel in their chest that is interfering with heart and lung blood flow. It enrolls people whose doctor has then decided to use a clot-dissolving drug in combination with a commercially-available device, called the EkoSonic® Endovascular System (EKOS). The purpose of this Registry is to understand how doctors are currently treating lung artery clots with clot-dissolving drugs and EKOS.

In addition to your routine care, you will have phone or in-person follow up visits where you will complete a questionnaire. In-person follow up visits will take place at the Pulmonary Embolism Response Team Clinic, Buffalo General Medical Center, 100 High Street, Buffalo, NY 14203.

Compensation is not available for this study.

Technical Description

To understand the APT treatment protocol used as SoC across institutions and document changes in practice following the OPTALYSE PE study results
To describe the effects of varied APT protocols on long-term patient outcomes
Compensation: No
Adults ages 18+.
Have a blood clot in one or both of the large blood vessels in your chest (lung arteries) that is interfering with blood flow through your heart and lungs.
Your doctor has decided to use a clot-dissolving drug (thrombolytic drug) in combination with the EkoSonic® Endovascular System (EKOS).
Age Group: Adults
Principal Investigator: DAVID ZLOTNICK Open Study
+1 716-888-4859
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