Quality of Life Measures for Childhood Asthma
Protocol: STUDY00002476
Full Title
Quality of Life Measures for Childhood Asthma - How do Parent and Child Assessments compare?
We are looking for children age 7-16 years old with asthma and their parents for a research study. The purpose of this study is to find out if children and their parents have different or similar opinions on how much their child’s asthma affects their everyday life.

This is a survey study that takes place in your child's doctor's office.  Only select medical practices participate in this study.

Compensation is not available.

Technical Description

Specific Aim 1:
1. To assess the difference in mean scores between the CHSA and CHSA-C for the domains of physical health, child activity, and child emotional health.

Specific Aim 2:
2. To assess the difference in mean scores in each domain of the CHSA and CHSA-C among the asthma control classifications.
Compensation: No
Age 7-16 Diagnosed with asthma for at least 1 year
Age Group: Both Adults and Children
Principal Investigator: LUCY HOLMES
+1 716-323-0034
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