Protocol: STUDY00000920
Full Title
TAURUS: A MulTinational PhAse IV Study EvalUating Real World Treatment Pattern in Previously Treated Hemophilia A Patients Receiving KOVALTRY (Octocog alfa) for RoUtine ProphylaxiS.
The purpose of the study is to understand how Kovaltry is used by hemophilia A patients for
prophylaxis therapy (prevention of bleeding).

You will be in the study for approximately one year.

Compensation is available.

Technical Description

This is a multinational prospective study that aims to investigate weekly prophylaxis dosing regiments used in standard clinical practice with the use of an electronic data capture (EDC) system.
Compensation: No
• Male patients diagnosed with moderate to severe hemophilia A
• Any age
• ≥ 50 exposure days (EDs) to any FVIII product
• Patients with or without history of inhibitors
• Patient with previous history of inhibitors, with at least 2 consecutive negative inhibitor tests and on standard prophylaxis therapy for at least 1 year prior to study entry
• Currently on or plan to start prophylaxis therapy with KOVALTRY
Age Group: Both Adults and Children
Principal Investigator: Adam Kotowski
ClinicalTrials.gov: Open Study
Michelle Acosta
+1 716-898-2470
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