Surgery and Health Information Technology
Protocol: STUDY00001275
Full Title
Using surveys to understand the barriers to optimal health information technology use among surgical versus medical specialties
The purpose of this survey is as an attempt to understand the barriers that prevent surgeons from making optimal use of secure text messaging.

Compensation is not available for this study.

Technical Description

This is a Quality Improvement initiative to better understand why certain health information technologies are not as readily embraced by surgeons as they are by other non-surgical health professionals. We plan on surveying faculty and house staff in different surgical departments at the University at Buffalo asking targeted questions about secure text messaging use, electronic medical record preferences, and dictation/clinical documentation preferences. These surveys will be relatively spaced out and each be ten questions or less. They will be sent via online links to maintain anonymity. Only aggregate results will be viewable and analyzed. While these are meant to be QI projects, it is precisely because there is little out there in the literature about surgery and health information technology, we think our survey results may be publishable as qualitative research and thus are seeking advance IRB approval.
Compensation: No
Attendees of various specialties
Age Group: Adults
Principal Investigator: JANE ZHAO
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