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Study for Older Veterans with Trouble Sleeping
Protocol: STUDY00006773
Full Title
The benefits of nicotinamide riboside upon cognition and sleep in older Veterans
The University at Buffalo (UB) School of Nursing is looking for veterans aged 65 to 85 years old who have trouble sleeping for a 3-month study. The goal of this study is to see if vitamin B3 may help adults sleep better, which may help to improve thinking and memory.

Eligible participants will complete 4 study visits at the Buffalo VA (VA WNY Healthcare System, 3495 Bailey Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14215). They will complete surveys on sleep and memory, a blood draw at Visits 1 and 4, and wear a Fitbit (a watch that collects information on how many steps you take and your sleep). Participants will either take vitamin B3 or a placebo (which looks like the vitamin B3 pill but is a sugar pill) twice daily for 3 months. Participants will get to keep their Fitbit (a $149 value) and have complimentary parking for all study visits.
Compensation: Yes
Compensation may include cash, checks, gift cards, debit cards, or incentives like gift baskets, technology items, or merchandise.
Adults aged 65-85 years old Have trouble sleeping Have not been diagnosed with dementia Fluent in English
Age Group: Adults
Principal Investigator: CARLEARA FERREIRA DA ROSA SILVA Open Study
+1 716-829-2533
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