Effect of cytokines and oral bacteria on gingival fibroblast and epithelial cell function
Protocol: 030-663292
Full Title
Effect of cytokines and oral bacteria on gingival fibroblast and epithelial cell function
The purpose of this study is to investigate how bacteria, bacterial products or cytokines (host inflammatory molecules) are able to impair normal gingival tissue cell functions and how these changes occur during periodontal disease (gum disease).

You will be in this research study for the length of your dental procedure. This is a onetime

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Participants will be compensated.

Technical Description

This study is a biological study that will examine in vitro response of gingival cells to intact oral bacteria, bacterial proteins and cytokines. The objectives of this project are 1) to investigate the effect of oral bacteria or cytokines on host cell function and production of cell mediators and 2) examine changes in molecules in gingival tissue and saliva during periodontal disease
Healthy gingival tissue will be used to isolate gingival fibroblasts and epithelial cells which will be grown in tissue culture for in vitro cell function experiments involving co- incubation of host cells with bacteria, bacterial products or cytokines. Gingival tissue and saliva will be collected from healthy subjects and subjects wth periodontal disease to compare and examine activity and production of cellular molecules ( i.e.. cytokines, metabolites etc) and the presence of different cell types. Subgingival dental plaque will be collected to confirm the presence of bacterial species of interest.
Compensation: No
Healthy subjects
Subjects with periodontal disease
Age 21-65
Age Group: Adults
Principal Investigator: MICHELLE KAY
+1 716-829-2844
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