Parkinson's Disease Study
Protocol: STUDY00005716
Full Title
Developing predictive biomarkers of Parkinson???s disease using dopaminergic neurons generated from urinary tract cells
We plan to collect urine samples from patients with Parkinson's Disease, from which we can model the Parkinson's brain. Genetically, the neurons we generate from the urine will match that of the patient donor, making them an ideal way to screen for markers of disease. We will use our urine-derived neurons to assess differences between patient and healthy control cells, as well as a comparison of time-points from individual patients. This study will allow us to gain a clearer understanding of the altered neurochemical state that is so difficult to assess in Parkinson’s patients.

Technical Description

(CSR 210732574514) The aims of this study include (1) Successful collection and culture of urinary tract cells from Parkinson???s patients, (2) For the first time, transdifferentiation of UTCs to induced neurons and induced dopaminergic neurons from this clinical group, (3) To use these novel cell models to develop predictive biomarkers for idiopathic Parkinson???s disease, as well as sub-types on
Compensation: No
Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease (or spousal control), either with or without resting tremor Aged between 40 and 99 years of age English speaking Absence of renal disease
Age Group: Adults
Principal Investigator: JIAN FENG
Emily Fisher
+1 716-829-2738
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