Teen Food & Drink Choice Study
Protocol: STUDY00004947
Full Title
Assessing Eating Autonomy among Adolescents via Ecological Momentary Assessment
This study enrolls teens ages 12-17. The purpose of the study is to learn more about how people in this age group record what they eat and drink compared to how they answer surveys about what they eat and drink.

This study involves one 1-hour visit via Zoom or in-person at UB's South Campus. After that, you will complete online surveys daily for 1 week, which will take about 10 minutes per day. Study takes place online or at UB's South Campus. Contact NHRlab@gmail.com for more information.

Technical Description

This study aims to validate a new survey looking at dimensions of adolescent eating independence by statistically evaluating survey responses with adolescent food and drink consumption behaviors recorded through ecological momentary assessment (EMA) for 1 week.
Compensation: Yes
Compensation may include cash, checks, gift cards, debit cards, or incentives like gift baskets, technology items, or merchandise.
Children/Adolescents ages 12-17.
Child owns a smartphone with data access
Child is willing to attend 1 in-person visit (UB South) or one remote visit (via zoom) with one parent or guardian.
Child is willing to answer randomly texted surveys throughout the day (up to 6) plus complete a survey before bed for one week.
Age Group: Children
Principal Investigator: JENNIFER TEMPLE
+1 716-829-2022
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Enrollment Update

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