Sjogren's Syndrome Blood Cell Study
Protocol: STUDY00004420
Full Title
Marginal Zone B Cells in Sjogren's Syndrome
This study enrolls adults with Sjogren’s syndrome and healthy participants to for comparison. The purpose of this study is to whether a certain type of immune cell in the blood, called the marginal zone B cell, contributes to the problems in Sjogren’s syndrome.

This study involved one visit where you will give a blood sample. The blood will be given by standard blood drawing using a needle in the arm. The sample taken is about 45 mL, which is roughly 3 tablespoons of blood.

Technical Description

The study will examine the behavior of marginal zone B cells (MZB) in patients with Sjogren's syndrome compared to normal controls. We will examine metabolism of the MZB cells, production of cytokines by the MZBB cells and production of autoantibodies by the B cells.
Compensation: No
Adults ages 18+.
Must meet the criteria for Sjogren's syndrome
Sex and age matched normal controls (comparison group) will also be studied.
Age Group: Adults
Principal Investigator: JULIAN AMBRUS
+1 716-859-2985
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