Tonawanda Coke Environmental Health Study
Protocol: STUDY00002003
Full Title
Environmental Health Study for Western New York
This study enrolls adults who are current or past residents of the Town or City of Tonawanda or Grand Island. The purpose of this study is to learn about the health of our community and the diseases that people in our community have. We also want to learn if pollution is linked with diseases and how to reduce diseases in people who were exposed to pollution.

In this study you will complete a survey. You may be asked to provide biospecimen samples (blood, urine, or saliva) which are optional. You can complete the survey online by visiting, or you can request a paper copy by mail by contacting our study team. Please email us at for more information.

Technical Description

The Tonawanda Coke Corporation was convicted of illegally releasing coke oven gas, a hazardous air pollutant and known human carcinogen, into the environment. In response to concerns about potential adverse health effects due to these coke oven emissions, we propose a large epidemiologic project to assist the community in understanding the health risks posed by exposures. The prospective cohort study will assess the cause-specific prevalence of morbidity and mortality in the community, biomonitor residents for current benzene and PAH exposure, and follow cohort members to ascertain the incidence of new cases of disease.
Compensation: Yes
Compensation may include cash, checks, gift cards, debit cards, or incentives like gift baskets, technology items, or merchandise.
Adults ages 18+.
Current or past residents of Grand Island, the City of Tonawanda, or the Town of Tonawanda.
Age Group: Adults
Principal Investigator: MATTHEW BONNER
+1 716-829-5625
Want to Learn More?
Let us know how the study team can reach you. If you do not hear back within 2 business days, reach out to the study team directly at the contact information above or email and someone will assist you.