Limb Study for Healthy Volunteers
Protocol: STUDY00003691
Full Title
Investigating the motion and muscle activation of the upper body for the development of a prosthetic control method
This study enrolls adults ages 18-65 who are generally healthy. The purpose of this research is to understand how healthy people perform active daily living activities. The goal is to develop an intuitive and easy way to control bionic arms. By participating, you can be part of research to develop a better way to help people with prosthetic limbs.

In this study, you will wear various reflective markers and painless surface electrodes to record your motion by a camera system. You will also wear a virtual reality headset. This study takes up to 3 hours of your time. Study takes place at UB's North Campus.

Technical Description

The purpose of this research is to understand how healthy individuals perform active daily living tasks for developing a novel prosthetic controller. We will collect movement data from a motion capture system and surface electromyography sensors to understand the relation between different joint angles and muscle activation to develop a postural controller for transradial (below elbow amputated) prosthesis users. In addition, we will use the same data set to compare the active daily living tasks performed in the virtual reality and the physical world.
Compensation: No
-Adults ages 18-65 years old.
-Must be healthy and fit to perform active daily living tasks.
Age Group: Adults
Principal Investigator: Jiyeon Kang
Jiyeon Kang
+1 716-645-6063
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