Headphone Study for Adults with Hearing Loss
Protocol: STUDY00004016
Full Title
Effect of Customized sound on Reduced headphone listening intensity
This study enrolls adults ages 21+ with hearing loss. This research is being done to find out if customized sound in headphones can reduce the overall intensity of sound produced, which may potentially reduce the risk of worsening the degree hearing loss.

This study takes about one hour. You will be asked to wear a headphone device to customize the intensity of music based on the your hearing thresholds. You will set the volume of the headphones to a moderately loud but comfortable listening level. You will do this once with the customized settings enabled and once without the customized settings enabled.

Technical Description

This study assess if customizing sound output based on individual thresholds can reduce the overall listening level through headphones.
Compensation: No
-Adults ages 21+.
-Must have measureable degree of hearing loss
Age Group: Adults
Principal Investigator: ALEXANDREA VEROST
+1 716-645-6969
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