Healthy Volunteer Hearing Study
Protocol: STUDY00003946
Full Title
To Booth or Not to Booth: The Efficacy of Adding Earmuffs in Maintaining Sound Proof Conditions Outside of the Booth
This study enrolls adults with normal hearing. The purpose of this research is to find a way to provide hearing tests outside of a “sound proof” booth. This research could potentially help give more access to services and improve the accuracy of hearing screenings provided in the community.

You will come in for one study visit which will take about 1 hour. You will do a basic hearing test multiple times with different setups and background noise conditions. Study takes place on UB's South Campus.

Technical Description

This study examines how effective a simple pair of earmuffs are at reducing different types of background noise to establish reliable auditory thresholds.
Compensation: No
Adults ages 18+.
Hearing within normal limits.
Clear ear canals at the time of testing.
Age Group: Adults
Principal Investigator: ADAM SHEPPARD
+1 716-829-2797
Want to Learn More?
Let us know how the study team can reach you. If you do not hear back within 2 business days, reach out to the study team directly at the contact information above or email and someone will assist you.