Anemia Treatment After Kidney Transplants
Protocol: STUDY00002971
Full Title
Regulatory T Cell Response to Erythropoiesis Stimulating Agents Post-Renal Transplant
This study enrolls adults who have had a kidney transplant. The purpose of this study to learn more about how certain medications treat anemia related to kidney disease.

People in this study will either be receiving anemia medication (called the treatment group) or not (control group). We will not change your standard medical treatment, so if you are in the treatment group of this study, the medications are already being prescribed to you by your physician. If you are in the control group, you will undergo routine care which does not include these medications. You will be in this study for about 12 months and will undergo a screening visit and a follow-up blood draw. After those two visits we will collect data from your routine clinic visits. This study takes place at ECMC, 462 Grider St, Buffalo, NY 14215.

If you would like more information about this study, you can call the Principal Investigator directly at 716-645-2826.

Compensation is available.

Technical Description

This is a two phase study looking at the effect of erythropoiesis stimulating agents (ESAs) on T regulatory cell count and function post-renal transplantation. The first phase is a prospective, matched, clinical pharmacology study of 40 subjects, 20 that receive ESAs and 20 that do not. The second phase is a prospective registry development the will enroll the 20 ESA users from the clinical pharmacology study plus an addition 50 ESA users from the transplant clinic.
Compensation: Yes
Compensation may include cash, checks, gift cards, debit cards, or incentives like gift baskets, technology items, or merchandise.
Age 18+

>Must be 3 months post-renal transplantation.

Must be receiving maintenance immunosuppression with a calcineurin inhibitor, mycophenolate, with or without prednisone

ESA Group: Additional inclusion criteria that they are consistently (for>3months) receiving an ESA product: epoetin alfa, epoetin alfa epbx, darbepoietin alfa, or methoxy polyethylene glycol epoetin beta
Age Group: Adults
Principal Investigator: CALVIN MEANEY
+1 716-645-2826
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