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Survey Study for Occupational Therapist Fieldwork Advisors
Protocol: STUDY00008240
Full Title
Perceptions of Teaching and Learning Supports Needed by OT Fieldwork Educators to Provide Fieldwork Education
The University at Buffalo (UB) Department of Rehabilitation Sciences is looking for occupational therapy (OT) fieldwork advisors to complete an online survey study. The goal of the study is to learn more about the types of support that fieldworkers think their students need to provide the best learning environment.

Participants will complete a one-time online survey. The survey will be anonymous and will include questions about the clinical skills OT fieldwork educators feel their students need for fieldwork success, the impact of supervisor support on the clinical learning environment, and the types of support that is needed to address clinical, emotional, and cultural needs of students.
Compensation: No
Adults 18 years or older Occupational therapist (OT) fieldwork advisors that have been practicing for at least one year and have taken on at least one OT student Currently practicing in the United States Fluent in English
Age Group: Adults
Principal Investigator: Turquessa FRANCIS
Turquessa FRANCIS
+1 716-829-6291
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