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Fentanyl and Xylazine Test Strips Study
Protocol: STUDY00007655
Full Title
Brief survey for recipients of Fentanyl and Xylazine test strips
The University at Buffalo (UB) Department of Emergency Medicine (EM) is looking for adults to complete a survey study on how Fentanyl and Xylazine (a drug for animals that is sometimes added to Fentanyl or heroin to increase its potency) test strips are being used. The goal of this study is to understand more about the use of these test strips to help make improvements to the system.

Participants will be asked to complete an online survey that will take about 5 minutes. The survey will include questions about: your background, the types of strips used, the types of substances used, what substances are typically tested for, the results of the tests, what you do if a substance tests positive for Fentanyl/Xylazine, if you have ever overdosed, and if you have ever been given Narcan.
Compensation: No
Adults over the age of 18 years old Have used Fentanyl and Xylazine test strips Have access to a smart device to complete the survey (for example, a smartphone, tablet, or laptop)
Age Group: Adults
Principal Investigator: Daniel KRUGER
+1 888-888-8888
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