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Phone Study for Survivors of Violent Injury During Youth
Protocol: STUDY00006368
Full Title
Long-term Functional, Psychological, Emotional, and Social Outcomes in Pediatric Victims of Violence
The University at Buffalo (UB) Department of Pediatric Surgery and Erie County Medical Center (ECMC) is recruiting adults who survived childhood violent injuries for a phone survey study. The goal of the study is to learn more about the effects on young people who survive violent injury.

Participants will complete the study via a phone call that will last about 30 minutes. They will provide their consent (agreement) to participate and then answer questions about their health after their injury. They will also complete a screening for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). All questions are voluntary and participants can choose to end the study at any time. Following completion of the study, participants will be provided with a list of local resources and support services.
Compensation: No
Adults 18 years or older Experienced a violent injury during their youth (when they were younger than 18 years old) Were treated for the injury at either Oishei Children’s Hospital or Erie County Medical Center
Age Group: Adults
Principal Investigator: KAVEH VALI
+1 716-878-7435
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