Blood Donors Wanted
Protocol: STUDY00005014
Full Title
The effect of CHRFAM7A alleles on human monocyte derived monocyte/macrophage function derived from blood isolated from healthy donors
This study enrolls healthy adults who will be getting a vaccine. The goal of this study is to learn about immune system cells called macrophages. Macrophages are important immune system cells that form when an infection is in the body.

You will be in this study for about 30-60 minutes. During the study, you will give a blood sample. You will have the option to come in again the day before and after you have a vaccination. Study takes place at the Clinical and Translational Research Center at 875 Ellicott, Buffalo, NY.

Technical Description

Purpose: To study the effect of CHRFAM7A alleles on human monocyte derived macrophage functionSpecific Aim 1: Determine the effects that CHRFAM7A alleles have on in vitro monocyte/macrophage function by exogenous stimuli. Specific Aim 2: Determine the effects that CHRFAM7A alleles have on immune response measured by cytokine response and monocyte/macrophage function before and after in vivo vaccine administration.
Compensation: No
Adults ages 20-55.
Generally healthy.
Scheduled to receive a vaccine, like the COVID-19 or flu vaccine (for COVID-19 vaccine, study must be done before and after the first dose of the vaccine).
Age Group: Adults
Principal Investigator: KINGA SZIGETI
+1 716-888-4777
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Enrollment Update

Due to COVID-19, new enrollment in research studies will be greatly limited. If you are interested in a study, there may be a longer waiting period to receive a response to your inquiry. View the guidance for research participants for additional information.

Let us know how the study team can reach you. If you do not hear back within 2 business days, reach out to the study team directly at the contact information above or email and someone will assist you.